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My name is Chris and I am an MD, PhD, working on cancer research. A great part of my work is to generate and analyze data, and I have been doing that since 1994. In 2019, while browsing through cryptocurrency graphs (it all started as a hobby), I saw something: a periodically emerging pattern in the prices of >300 coins. After a year long course in crypto trading and combining my experience on data analysis -albeit from an unrelated field- I was able to predict changes in coin prices by feeding my models with historical data. Sounds too good to be true? keep reading!


Of course, not all coins "fit the description", and among those that do, evidently that does not occur all of the time. An extremely important aspect of cryptocurrency market analysis is the nonlinear regression of coin price and indicators in the recent and not-so-recent past. To state it more simply: if you want to know where a coin is going to, you need to know where it came from. But don't be fooled: nonlinear regression analysis is a daunting task and constantly optimized for market conditions. 

What I offer:

i) Fully automated cryptotrading strategies that can be used within the Cryptohopper platform. Once you purchase a strategy it is yours forever; however, strategies are periodically updated and you get free updates for only the first 12 months.

ii) Signals that you can subscribe to through the Cryptohopper platform. Subscription to signals is billed on a monthly basis. 

iii) Crypto trading advice on an advanced level. Please don't contact me to help you setup your hopper, or how to transfer fiat to crypto, or how much TP, TSL and Arm to set in a strategy, etc. Sessions are held 1-on-1 through Zoom. Minimum allocated time is 1 hour; time and topic of advice must be predetermined at least 3 working days in advance.


Please note that you need to be familiar with the Cryptohopper platform for using the Hagakure strategies and/or the Hagakure signal; the Midas touch and Pactolus river signals do not require subscription to Cryptohopper (although subscription to the Midas touch signal can be also purchased through Cryptohopper).

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Hagakure Crypto automated strategies

There is a great selection of Hagakure automated strategies (alltogether 39) that you can find in Cryptohopper platform. A legitimate question is why isn't there one single strategy? The answer is because they are made in Cryptohopper, an automated crypto trading bot that allows combinations of only up to 20 indicators and/or candle patterns. The present strategies rely on > 600 combinations, thus, they had to be partitioned in many different ones. They are tailored to meet the demands of most trading styles and market conditions; strategies are highly complementary and are thus perfectly suitable for combined use in AIs. However, please note that no strategy will yield profits if you use inappropriate coins (there are no "bad" coins; any coin can be good, depending on market conditions). Thus, regarding all Hagakure strategies, you can only apply them to coins during which the RSI (14) on the 4 day scale has crossed above the Moving Average (MA 14) also on the 4 day scale AND RSI (14) is less than 70, AND the On Balance Volume (OBV) is increasing for at least 14 periods (each period is 4 days). These considerations cannot be implemented in any strategy because Cryptohopper does not allow indicator values averaging data for longer than 1 day. You can set such alerts through a subscription to TradingView. If you want to trade without having to look at TradingView charts on a daily basis, I can assemble a list of coins for a fee. Please contact us directly regarding pricing.  All strategies work well using USDT, USD, EUR, BTC or ETH as base currency, in all known platforms.


Below you can find brief descriptions of the Hagakure automated strategies. Exact values regarding take profit, Arm, trailing-stop-loss, cooldown and all other parameters are listed in the "Overview" of each strategy in Cryptohopper.

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The MACD strategy is based on the MACD line crossing the EMA line, using a proprietary optimized configuration. It comes in several flavors: standalone, or in combination with specific candle patterns that trigger position opening.

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The BB/Osc strategy is based on a complex algorithm combining Bollinger Bands and an Oscillator. It yields buy signals that are quite different than those triggered by the Hagakure MACD.

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The Bottom finder strategy is meant to complement AIs and assist in identifying dips in coin prices that are very likely to precede a breakout. Best if used with other Hagakure strategies combined in a single AI.

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Vibranium is a superior strategy encompassing a very carefully selected and extensively tested set of indicators and entry points. It yields BUY and SELL signals, thus you MUST have “Sell based on strategy” activated. Also available as part of an AI combo.

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Adamantium ROAR is a big gun: an extremely robust strategy encompassing an ingenious set of indicators, entry and exit points. It yields BUY and SELL signals, thus you MUST enable “Sell based on strategy”.

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For those with higher than normal risk-aversion: the Hagakure adamantium PREMIUM strategy is based on the Hagakure adamantium ROAR strategy with the addition of filtering out the less than 10% profit signals. Less frequent trading, but with much higher yields and much less risk. Holding times are 6-45 days. Also available as part of an AI combo w/wo specific candle patterns as position opening triggers.

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The Hagakure adamantium PREMIUM BEAR strategy is based on the Hagakure adamantium PREMIUM strategy with the addition of being modified for bearish markets. It must be used together with the Hagakure adamantium PREMIUM TREND for BULL/BEAR.

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Speedster is based on the same set of indicators, entry and exit points as in Hagakure adamantium PREMIUM, but modified to allow much faster trading (it is NOT a SCALP!). It yields BUY and SELL signals, thus you MUST have “Sell based on strategy” activated.

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Adamantium Elite: the pinnacle of TA analysis in cryptotrading. An exceptionally performing strategy in cryptomarket. Can be purchased as part of the "elite combo"; comes with detailed instructions.

enternowA (1).png

Many signals and strategies trigger buys, but how confident are you that your coin wil be bought at the lowest price? Candle strategy scans for candle patterns (1 min if more than two candles pattern and 5 min if only one candle pattern) and triggers the buy signal. This strategy should be used together with "Candles 1-5 min BUY for entry_B" and "Candles 1-5 min BUY for entry_C" in a single AI. Since the AI is required, this is only for Hero subscriptions, otherwise it can be used as standalone in other subscriptions.

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How sure are you that you are selling your coin at the best possible price? too soon, and you give up profits; too late, and you wished to have sold it earlier; search no more, high seller is is the appropriate strategy for ensuring max profit. It cannot be overemphasized that this is a SELL exclusive strategy, cannot be used as standalone! The only exception is when you have coin(s) in reserves that you feel are "ripe" for selling, you can allow only those in a separate hopper with the high seller strategy. No need to bother with disabling buying, as the high seller strategy does not contain any indicators for buying.



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Hagakure signal: 3 strategies + coin TA

The Hagakure signal combines the output of 3 strategies: Hagakure bottom finder, Hagakure Adamantium ROAR and Hagakure ELITE; it is tailored for tokens selected by a proprietary algorithm encompassing non-linear regression analysis. Thus, this signal is a combination of TA analysis in addition to automation by top-notch strategies. Holding time ranges from 1 day to 4 weeks.

Regarding coin selection: Send an email to cchinopoulos@gmail.com with proof of payment for the signal and I will send you a link from where you can download an excel sheet with the selected coins; it is updated daily. Please use only these coins in Coins and amounts in Baseconfig. Do NOT allow all coins and do not use this signal for any other coin that is not included in the excel list.


Midas touch signal

Midas was a mythological king, remembered for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold, an ability that came to be called the golden touch, or the Midas touch. In a book written in 1852 by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Midas' daughter came to him, upset about the roses that had lost their fragrance and become hard, and when he reached out to comfort her, she turned to gold as well.

Midas touch yields signals exhibiting impressive returns over the course of days/weeks/months. Please note that because the cryptomarket exhibits strong periodicity in the course of weeks-months, there will be time frames lasting for weeks during which no buy signals will be sent. For KuCoin, Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, and Bittrex platforms.


Pactolus river signal

As king Midas lost his daughter, nor could he eat or drink as everything he touched turned to gold, he prayed to the God Dionysus to set him free from this course; Dionysus heard his prayer, and told Midas to wash in the river Pactolus. Then, whatever he put into the water would be reversed of the touch.

The Pactolus river signal is the means for selling the coins bought by the Midas touch signal, ensuring maximum profit. Pactolus river is the only signal that cannot be accessed through the Cryptohopper platform. If you are interested in this signal, please contact us directly.


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